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Service & Maintenance

To keep your system running smoothly, air conditioner maintenance should not be overlooked. Regular maintenance is a preventative step you should be taking to increase your system’s efficiency, keep its parts in top shape, and prolong its life.

System Replacement

Dealing with an aging air conditioner can be a difficult process, taking into consideration cost and other factors. Replacing your air conditioner is a major investment, but it can be a smart move and save you money in the long run.

Pipe Cleaning

Unfortunately, this part of the system is often overlooked during regular A/C maintenance. . Cleaning the line will remove clogs and blockages and prevent algae and mold from growing.

fridge repair

Our technicians are well-versed in handling repairs on a comprehensive range of refrigerators. We can make sure your home refrigerator operates smoothly again. No matter what type of refrigerator is in your home, our team can get to work right away to address any problems you have with this appliance.

Air Conditioner Repairs

When your air conditioning system stops working. Air Condition SA is available to fix your air conditioner so you can keep cool. Our skilled technicians have experience servicing a long list of air conditioning brands, and can get yours back up and running so you can return to comfortable indoor conditions.

Pipe Cleaning

We serve the entire South Africa with commercial and industrial chiller services. We offer all kinds of chiller services from from maintenance and inspections, to repairs and replacement. We work with all sizes and types of chillers, including HVAC and Process chillers.

Hvac & Ventilation

That’s our job at Air COndition SA! Gathering a full understanding of your home layout, HVAC equipment, allergy symptoms and more, we’ll guide you toward the right ventilation solutions. We take air quality seriously and will work with you to find a solution you can feel good about.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

exhaust fans are among the most underappreciated systems in today’s homes. They’re easy to forget about when it comes to home maintenance, and they can sometimes malfunction without homeowners even noticing.But when they’re used properly and well maintained. Our expert will help you to clean it.

Heating Air conditioning

Before the chill of fall sets in it’s time to think about servicing your furnace. Winter is coming, and proper maintenance will help ensure that your furnace is up to the task of keeping you and your loved ones warm, Avoid expensive repairs down the road when you least want to deal with them.